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Our Business

Business Scope

Our business scope primarily encompasses superstructure construction projects, as well as renovation, maintenance, alteration, and addition (RMAA) works.  As the main contractor, we carefully select sub-contractors based on project requirements, as well as  supervise and manage them by a professional project management team to ensure that all construction meets client specifications and is completed within the designated budget and schedule.

Construction Works

Our scope of superstructure construction projects includes commercial and residential building developments and their reconstructions.

RMAA Works

Repair, maintenance, alteration and addition (RMAA) works are mainly for upgrading and renovation of existing buildings, including repair, rehabilitation and improvement of buildings and facilities, as well as conversion and extension of building layout.

Smart Building Solutions

With the rising global awareness of environmental protection and stakeholders’ increasing emphasis on environmental, social and governance issues, we have been actively expanding our potential business, hoping to leverage on the Group’s environmental technologies and smart solutions to incorporate more green technology elements in our construction business, so as to enhance our core competitiveness and sustainable development prospects in the future.

We are committed to developing energy-saving construction and intelligent management for smart buildings while continuously exploring innovative green technology solutions. Our aim is to achieve the optimal balance among health, comfort, safety and energy efficiency throughout the entire building.

Our smart partnerships include integrated solution providers from the areas of photovoltaics, energy storage, EV-charging facilities and intelligent IoT systems. In the future, we will continue to explore innovative green technologies and collaborate with our partners to drive green transformation of construction industry.

We achieve the optimal management of building energy efficiency through an intelligent one-stop energy management system (EMS) which uses advanced technology and powerful back-end data processing to collect, record, and statistically analyze all aspects of energy data in real time, as well as to manage the utilization rate of various types of energy in an effective and intelligent manner.

Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)

The Group has fully adopted green design and energy-saving materials while developing a new type of battery energy storage system, which is an ideal alternative to traditional diesel generators. It can provide a durable, stable and cost-effective power solution for construction sites, enabling a greater extent of achieving zero-carbon emission during the construction phase of the building. Currently, our battery energy storage system has been used in a number of construction projects, such as Gold Coast in Tuen Mun, 33 Hung To Road in Kwun Tong, Ma Fung Leng Road in Yuen Long, Tai Tong Road in Yuen Long, Nam Bin Wai in Sai Kung, Discovery Bay in Lantau Island, etc. Subsequently, the Group will join hands with strategic partners to further expand the energy storage system solutions to a wider range of scenarios, including industrial and commercial sites, households, microgrids as well as EV-charging stations.

Infrastructure and Installation of EV-charging Services

The Group provides professional one-stop solutions for EV-charging infrastructure installation for public facilities and in car parks of existing real estates. We are actively participating in Hong Kong government’s “EV-charging at Home Subsidy Scheme” (“EHSS”) to facilitate EV owners to install up-to-standard EV chargers at car parks of their residences according to their own needs in a simple and easy manner

Our project management team has extensive experience on engineering design and technical solutions, which can provide the optimal solar energy and EV-charging solutions for large-scaled projects in Hong Kong, especially for system efficiency enhancement, engineering acceptance check, system operation and maintenance, and thus to comprehensively enhance the intelligent construction of buildings.